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Alexis is an experienced private lessons teacher, starting her studio of middle and high school students during her first semester of undergrad. During her time at UK, Alexis's students have been selected to participate in numerous District, State, and Regional ensembles, and the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra. She also has experience teaching group lessons and double reed sectionals at schools in the greater Lexington area.

Alexis offers both private lessons and school sectionals. For details, fill out the form below!

Teaching Philosophy

Working primarily with beginning and younger bassoonists, my main goal is to instill a love of playing the bassoon, and to give my students the solid fundamental skills needed to pursue music at whatever level they choose. I strive to provide a positive, friendly environment in which students feel safe to make mistakes and explore new aspects of bassooning.

My philosophy is based on providing a good fundamental foundation in playing, and providing effective practice strategies that can be used outside of our lessons. I want my students to feel empowered in their playing, both during and outside of lesson time, and to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. I also incorporate relevant music theory and history information in order to provide more context and a fuller understanding of the repertoire and topics we're working on.


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